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Baroness Vespera

„Baroness Vespera, the Iron Queen of Krovograd, is a fearsome ruler whose reign is marked by the merciless enforcement of her will. The people of Krovograd live in a state of constant fear, for any sign of dissent is met with brutal punishment at the hands of Vespera’s fanatical followers, known as the „Clandestine Zeal“.

These fanatics worship the Baroness as a divine figure, seeing her as a chosen instrument of their dark god. They are known for their zealotry and their willingness to do anything in service to their beloved leader. It is said that the Clandestine Zeal can be found in every corner of Krovograd, watching and waiting for any sign of treachery against their Baroness.

Vespera herself is a formidable figure, with piercing red eyes that seem to see into the souls of those around her. She rules with a strict and unrelenting manner, crushing any hint of rebellion with ruthless efficiency. Despite the darkness that surrounds her, however, there are whispers that the Baroness is not entirely human, that she possesses powers beyond mortal understanding.

Whatever the truth of these rumors, one thing is certain: to cross Baroness Vespera is to invite the wrath of the Clandestine Zeal and the full might of Krovograd’s dark magic.“

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„In the dark and foreboding realms of the underworld, the name Bath’terud was spoken with equal parts reverence and fear. Known as the deity of fate, Bath’terud was said to hold the threads of destiny in his twisted grasp, weaving the tapestry of life and death with cruel efficiency.

But Bath’terud was not alone in his dominion over the underworld. Two monks, who were said to be his most devout followers, dwelt in the shadowy depths of his dark realm. Their names were whispered only in hushed tones, for they were rumored to be able to see into the future and manipulate the threads of fate themselves.

Together, Bath’terud and his two monks held sway over the destinies of all who dared to enter their dark realm. Few who went there ever returned, and those who did were forever changed, their fates twisted and warped beyond recognition.

As for Bath’terud himself, some say he was once a mortal man, driven to madness and despair by the cruelty of fate. Others say he was always a deity, born from the darkness and despair that dwells in the hearts of all living beings.“

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The lady in red

„In the wake of the night, the lady in red walks alone through the halls of the monastry. In her hand, she holds a bouquet of withering flowers, their petals as symbol of despair.

Those who see her feel a chill run down their spine, for they know that the lady in red is not of this world. She is a creature of darkness, a lost soul amongst the living.

Whispers follow in her wake, telling tales of those who have crossed her path and never returned. Some say she is a witch, others a demon, but no one knows for sure. All that is certain is that those who encounter the lady in red may have a fate worse than death.“

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The pale wanderer

„The pale wanderer, for he is always watching, his eyes unyielding, his grip unbreakable. A solitary hunter, roaming the land in search of those who have earned his wrath.

A symbol of death, a reminder that mortals must eventually face their end, for he is judge and executioner.

Collector of souls, sent to claim those no longer worthy to be amongst the living. His presence is a warning to all who have strayed from the path of righteousness, for his judgment is severe and his torments everlasting.“