Anamorphic photography
Anamorphic photography
Anamorphic photography


Photography / Videography

Anamorphic photography and videography involve using specialized lenses to capture wide panoramic images and videos on standard-sized film or digital sensors. These lenses compress the image horizontally during shooting, allowing for a wider field of view. When the footage is later projected or processed, it is „desqueezed“ to its original aspect ratio, typically 2.39:1 or wider, resulting in a distinct cinematic look.

This technique is popular in filmmaking due to its ability to produce expansive, immersive visuals and characteristic lens flares and bokeh, enhancing the overall aesthetic and emotional impact of the footage. Anamorphic lenses also retain more vertical resolution compared to cropping widescreen images from standard lenses, making them a preferred choice for achieving a high-quality widescreen effect.

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