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Photography - Cologne

Hi, I’m Daniel von Appen

I’m a print and screen media designer from Cologne, Germany with a knack for photography. I’m a film lover and music enthusiast and I have a weakness for philosphy, psychology and architecture.

During the „Corona years“ I began dabbling in the world of creating music utilizing virtual instruments and releasing it under the moniker „Noisy Squirrel“ on bandcamp.

Lately I’ve been diving into the world of AI image / animation generation with Stable Diffusion which ultimately set off the idea, in collaboration with friend and writer Stefan Golsch, for the „Key of Solomon“ online novel which is free to read. Check it out on www.key-of-solomon.org!

Here, look at some randomly picked stuff!

Or don’t. Whatever.

Vintage cars

AI Images

Urban flea market finds – 2022


Emotional Portraits

AI Images