Hi, I’m Daniel

I’m a print and screen media designer from Cologne, Germany with a knack for photography. I’m a film lover and music enthusiast and I have a weakness for philosphy, psychology and architecture. Lately I’ve been diving into the world of AI image and animation generation with Stable Diffusion!

The „Key of Solomon“ online novel is now available!

New Orleans, early 1920s: down-and-out private detective Blake Solomon searches for two children who have disappeared without a trace from an orphanage. In the course of his investigation, he penetrates deeper and deeper into the occult nightlife of „The Crescent City“. Between black magic, voodoo, brutal gangs and bloodsuckers, he gets caught between the fronts of an ancient conflict between darkness and obscurity. What do his past and the mysterious key that lies in his hand one morning mean for his fate and that of those who need his help?

Read now at key-of-somon.org!
  • Free for everyone to read and enjoy at www.key-of-solomon.org.
  • Available in german and english
  • Evolving story with 9 chapters being available at the beginning
  • Official soundtrack to set the mood while reading
  • AI generated images to bring key moments and characters to life
  • Scattered soundeffects for an additional atmospheric touch
  • Official Discord Server available with an Patreon exclusive forum which also includes media downloads and hi-resolution artworks


Meet the gang!

Squirrel & Friends: Music. Field Recordings. Samples.

A wild hobby project of creating music, field recordings and samples. For you to enjoy, to use or to create awesome things yourself!

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