Hi, I’m Daniel

I’m a print and screen media designer from Cologne, Germany with a knack for photography. I’m a film lover and music enthusiast and I have a weakness for philosphy, psychology and architecture.

Recent stuff that…

I did myself, but for others!

Website redesign for a travel agency, as well as a simpler logo, new business papers and business cards, different travel catalogues. Reise-Nach.eu. Travel, as well as location and event texts have been written in cooperation with author Stefan Goebels.

I made everything from the ground up for a new physiotherapy practive: Logo, business papers and cards, as well as the website. Trend-Physio.de

I did with others, for others (aka at work)!

Website redesign and refresh of the logo for a local saddlery specialized in creating and repairing bags. Photography and filming on site. Emphasizing the leathery aspects and capturing the look and feel of craftsmanship! sattlerei-may.de

Website one pager for a local carpenter. Emphasizing the look and feel of wood and how it’s being uzilized to create handmade and unique furniture. tischlereiboucault.de

Personal projects!

Upcoming project for distribution of self-made templates / presets for Adobe Lightroom as well as LUT files for use in video editing! Made and realized together with @frau_brownie!

Upcoming audio samples and jingles for „Kaesablanca“ – intended for public readings to spice up the cheese! In cooperation with book author Stefan Goebels @autor_stefan_goebels!

also I sometimes hang out on…